Civic Mindfulness

Asheville is still growing, whether we want it to or not. Read Jeremy's post about this important issue.

Balanced Growth

As people continue to make Asheville home, we must welcome them into our city and encourage thoughtful development in our urban center so we can protect our surrounding neighborhoods and mountains from sprawl, traffic and congestion.  Jeremy supports a defined process for development, formulated with extensive public outreach and engagement that encourages balanced growth and is not subject to the political extremes of the day.

Economic Vitality

We want quality jobs and accessible housing options for everyone.  To do this, we must attract companies that provide good paying jobs for those of us who live here now and for those that have not yet arrived.  We also want to incentivize developers to build affordable housing, and we must encourage improvements to our infrastructure.  Jeremy supports growing Asheville in and up, not out.  Dense commercial and residential development in our downtown will provide space for people to live and work, increase our tax base, make living in Asheville more affordable, manage transportation needs, and protect our existing neighborhoods. 

Community Engagement

Jeremy understands the complexities of urban change and is personally invested in the careful growth of Asheville. He has a deep understanding of the City’s Unified Development Ordinances, the Downtown Master Plan, and other City-adopted plans.  In public service, he has been a careful steward of these plans, building trust with neighborhoods and communities who understand that their rights will be respected and protected.  Community engagement is essential to finding common ground and making this city work efficiently and effectively for its people, all its people.